Deer can actually do more permanent damage to your landscaping in the Winter than they do in the Summer.
Deer can actually do more permanent damage to your landscaping in the Winter than they do in the Summer. In the Summer, the deer tend to go after plants in the Spring and Summer months. And while that can ruin the plant for the season, the plants, if perennials, normally grow back again the next season. Or, you can replace them fairly inexpensively.
Trees, on the other hand can be very costly if they are damaged by deer. Arborvitae trees especially can be completely eaten away as far up on the tree as the deer can eat. Arborvitae trees are often planted in multiples and in a straight line used for privacy because of their dense year-around green growth from the ground to the top of the tree.
These trees are especially tasty for urban deer where other food sources are scarce. If the deer eat away all of the growth from the tree, it can leave an unsightly tree and it is possible the branches they’ve eaten will no longer grow back. It can be very costly to replace an arborvitae tree, especially if a few out of many are eaten. Finding a replacement tree that blends in with the surrounding uneaten trees can be extremely costly if not impossible since Arborvitae trees can grow 10 to 200 feet tall.
Since trees are very large and tend to take up more area, using ugly fencing and spraying or shaking deer repellents to fully protect the trees from deer damage can be almost impossible. The easiest and most cost effective way to protect your Arborvitae trees, and any other type of tree is to use a Dog Decoy with the Scent Disk Accessory Kit. The Dog Decoy, with the Scent Disk attached, will move in the breeze and emit a predator scent the deer can smell before they even get close to your property. The predator scent alerts the deer to stay away. This will keep deer out of your yard and is a very effective and natural deer repellent.
So now you can protect your trees from deer damage in a very cost effective way. Simply place the Dog Decoy in the vicinity of the area you want to protect and the deer stay away. The Scent Disk Accessory Kit provides 6 months of protection.
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