While it is still freezing outside and many of us are dealing with snow, it is good to start thinking about Spring time.
Planning our garden projects and imagining how beautiful our plantings will be somehow helps us escape the cold, dreary days of Winter.
Creating a plan for this year’s pruning, planting, and applying fertilizers is a great way to stay on top of our landscaping and gardening tasks.  If last year it felt like your landscaping and gardening just didn’t get done, or it felt like a chore, make this year different.  Plan it! Schedule it! And remember the real reason for all those plants and trees…it is to enjoy them! 
So get your calendar out and start making notes of different tasks you will need to do.  Spring pruning…mark it on the calendar.  Planting…mark it on the calendar!  If last year’s efforts took days to do, consider hosting a planting party.  Invite over friends and family to help with planting or weeding, followed up with a barbeque or a nice outdoor picnic. 
Some of my favorite memories from my childhood are helping my grandmother planting her large vegetable garden, or helping my mother plant the flowers each Summer.  Consider getting children to help you with your gardening.  It is a great opportunity to teach them about plants, different bugs, and discovering the satisfaction of ‘work’. 
One great way to make sure your plants and your trees are protected this Spring from deer and rabbits is to place a Dog Decoy with a Scent Disk Accessory in the yard.  The movement of the Dog Decoy and the natural predator scent emitted from the Scent Disk Accessory, will keep the deer out of your yard.  It will also prevent rabbits from nesting on your property.   The Dog Decoy and Scent Disk Accessory Kit for Deer is available at
The Dog Decoy also works great to keep the messy geese away from your property, so you can plan a lot of outdoor parties and enjoy running barefoot through the grass again among the beautiful and lush landscaping you’ve worked so hard at cultivating.


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